Get even more rewards from
the Q by joining the Q Club!

  • Q Club reward points toward free product

  • First access to new products

  • Monthly Q-pons for exclusive product discounts

  • Monthly recipes

How can I become a member?

Signing up is easy: just register for the Q Club when you start your Q, and you’ll be a member for as long as you’re on the Q! Plus, there are two easy ways you can waive the one-time membership fee of $79.99 and join the Q Club for FREE!


Join for Free by:

Starting your Q with shipments of $100 or more in product or Signing up as a consultant—consultants get Q Club membership for free!

Be rewarded for purchasing the items you love! Q Club members will receive 3 points for every dollar spent on the Q, and every 100 points equals $1.00! Q Club points expire only when your account has had no activity for 6 consecutive months, and can be redeemed at checkout! Join today, and continue to earn more when you shop on the Q!


How to use Q club points